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We’re A Different Type Of Power Quality System Provider

Our mission is to work for our customers, not equipment manufacturers, solving your power related problems.  We’re compensated by our customers, not our vendors.  The rewards for our efforts are not just in monetary value.  Referrals have been our primary source of new business.

In solving customers’ power quality problems, we won’t always recommend an equipment purchase.  Problems may be solved by improving the electrical ground, making corrections in power distribution, changing the technology of the protection equipment already in place, or any other scenarios.  An equipment purchase may be recommended if required, as added assurance.

We bring a broad knowledge of power quality technology and understand how it fits into the overall needs of the customer.


Depending on the electrical environment they will be operating in, one brand may work better than another. The most popular brand may not be the best system for your environment.

Rather than offering brochures and product sheets, we’d like to discuss your particular requirement. We feel that is the best way to introduce our capabilities and capabilities and services and to help you return to full operations.

Located just north of Houston Texas near The Woodlands, Texas, we have the ability to meet your needs, wherever they are.

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