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Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS)

UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supplies)


-  The Toshiba, true on-line, double conversions UPS provides a full range of capability in Single and Three Phase systems.  They completely re-generate electrical power for sensitive electronics, data communications, and computer systems.  Systems provide continuous power while transitioning to generator power after utility failure, where they will filter and regulate voltage and frequency until the return to utility power.   Toshiba’s Three Year warranty shows their confidence in product quality.


– Designed similar to the Toshiba UPS, Mitsubishi provides an IGBT based, double conversion UPS, capable of being paralleled up to a size that will fit most any data center’s need.  By packaging a paralleled UPS with a redundant battery system, multiple levels of protection can be built into your company’s disaster plan.


– Modular, Double Conversion UPS, designed for High Efficiency, and multiple configurations for Single and Three Phase requirements.  System is scalable in 10 KVA increments allowing you to grow into your final load requirement.


– Eaton offers a broad range of small to medium sized, Single Phase, tower and rack UPS’ for small office applications and communications equipment.  Larger Three Phase systems provide, true on-line backup power at competitive pricing.  Powerware provides a Two Year Limited Warranty.

Extreme Power

-  The Network Xtreme Rack Tower Series (NXRT) UPS eliminates questions about physical form with the unique ability to tower-mount, rack-mount and wall-mount. The NXRTwill fit virtually anywhere in your network. The Series is comprised of a 1000, 1500, 2000 and 3000VA capacity, providing network grade power delivered via on-line double-conversion technology. A three year electronics warranty provides “peace of mind” that reliability has been engineered into the product line. Virtually Infinite Runtime via the self-charging extended battery packs means that you can increase the runtime as much as desired. The NXRTSeries UPS is the perfect choice for critical business servers, point of sale equipment, telephony and data networks.   Extreme Power’s warranty is Three Years.

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